Clapton Road Band
“We loved your performance and the band and its members where great!! Let's do this!! ”
“Besides being tighter than a drum and sounding as good as the real thing, these guys also did Clapton's live versions of songs, note for note, awesome!”
“I really couldn’t believe Kanoa sounds just like Eric Clapton”
“What we love about Clapton Road is that they not just perform but actually put on a great show”
This was by far the largest crowd I have seen here in the over 10 years that I’ve worked here, Clapton Road was unbelievable!"
You guys killed it, we can’t wait to have you back"
Your show was absolutely amazing, the show was totally sold out and the crowd absolutely loved you!”
“Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! We haven’t had a show like that in years and we’ve got to have you back next season”


“The dueling guitar solos at that high of a talent level is something that I haven’t seen in years, Wow!”
“I can’t believe what we just saw, we will follow you guys wherever you play”
“The female singers you guys have are off the charts talented”
“We have been waiting years to find an Eric Clapton tribute band, you guys are amazing!”
“This is probably the best Eric Clapton tribute band to ever come out”
(949) 466-9105


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